The World's First Washing Machine monster policy

What to Do When the Washing Machine Monster steals your Favourite Man Rags 

Lost a sock again? We bet the “Washing Machine Monster” got all green with envy with your popularly voguish and tasty Man Rags socks. Who wouldn’t?  

Our “Washing Machine Monster” Policy   

We know that the “Washing Machine Monster” would be wildly smitten with your charming socks. To get you covered, we thought we’d keep an extra of each sock design in case you lose one of your favorite Man Rags socks. Our “Washing Machine Monster Policy” allows our members to report lost socks so we can replace them at no cost. 

Man Rags is the only sock brand that offers this thoughtful, above-and-beyond service to its subscribers. There’s a joke that goes, “Why does the ‘washing machine monster’ take only one sock?” You guessed the answer, “Because you never notice when it has stolen the whole pair!”    You better start counting the pairs of Man Rags socks you have.   

What Makes Man Rags So Irresistible? 

In the old world, socks for men were plain and unassuming. We used to prefer them basic and unadorned. Fast forward to the age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you see socks with quirky abstract designs with a dazzling montage of food and animal patterns in bright and pastel colors. In the case of Man Rags, its Melbourne-made designs were inspired by modern trendsetters. Its delightful and attractive designs are not the only factors that make Man Rags so irresistible. They are made of the famous high quality Egyptian Cotton. If you don’t know what that’s like, imagine a softness like no other. Egyptian cotton isn’t renowned as the world’s finest cotton for nothing. After all, according to archaeological evidence, the origin of the industry of spinning and weaving can be traced to Ancient Egypt many centuries ago.    

Who ever thought that socks could have so much bearing?    

Right? But then again, even socks have to be “Instagram-able” these days. Many bloggers and fashion trendsetters agree that socks are the new ties. They give the suburban routine of the shirt, suit and slacks that flattering twist and pleasurable surprise. What’s great about Man Rags is that when you subscribe, you can rest assured that you never get the same design twice. Simply put, attention to socks professes Western detail.